Final Fantasy – Second Year of The Crystal Caravan

Final Fantasy – Second Year of The Crystal Caravan

Chapter 1 – The Wedding

Sala was a full fledged Cat-Girl now. Her ears perked happily on her head and her hair fell about her breasts, as smooth and white as ever. Her tail was just as curious and velvety as ever. A new stripe of fur went from around her tail up her spine to between her shoulder blades. Her hands and feet were now completely feline. Soft white hair went from her toes to mid thigh and from short feline fingers to mid forearm. She now had crystalline white claws from all her fingers and toes. She was commonly found sunning naked on the rocky shore or sitting in the trees. She now rarely wore anything more than underwear, and that was small. She only wore a white G-string and a small white-fur top. Rough pink pads had developed on the bottoms of her feet, allowing for her to go barefoot on all but the sharpest gravel. This all palled in comparison to the most drastic change of all.

She could now breath Miasma.

It had first happened when she had been with Peter, Flora and Mick, traveling over to Marr’s Pass to do a little trading last fall. She had gotten into a little tussle with her sister and she ran off in a huff, without realizing it, but right though the Crystal Chalice’s barrier.

She had been gone for nearly fifteen minutes and the others had searched frantically, for her. The had just about left her for dead when they found her pouting behind a tree nearly a quarter mile away. She was sitting behind it, not even noticing the Miasma permeating her lungs. She had developed to be able to survive without a Crystal Chalice.

This had proved invaluable in the past few months because, besides her personal excursions and explorations all over the Tipa Peninsula, she could also act as a messenger between the Chalice and the Village when groups would go out with it to explore and scout.


Yawning, Sala stretched out. She was lying on her favorite tree branch enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze. It was a thick branch that hung out over the river near her family’s house. She had long since stripped it of branches and leaves, leaving it bare and smooth for her to lay on.

She was lying on her stomach with her arms and legs draped over it as a cat would, napping happily.

The other change within her is that she found herself very active early in the mornings and late at night. She always slept midday and midnight.

“Sala! There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Get down here! The Ceremony is almost ready. Your sister is expecting you to be there!” Ezra, Sala’s mother, yelled up into the tree.

“Fine mother!” Sala sighed, getting to her hands and feet. She crawled down the branch, claws digging into the bark. She grasped a nearby branch and swung herself down to the ground, landing on all fours.

“Come on, come on.” Ezra hurried, grabbing her paw. She pulled Sala down the pathway, “I know you’re not going to put on anything for this, but at least put these in your hair and toss this over your shoulders.”

Her mom handed her a few wild flowers and a long necklace made of them. Sala tossed the necklace over her head and started to weave the flowers into her long white hair. It had grown down past her shoulders and was encroaching over her breasts.

“Sorry, you know I lose track of time when I nap.” Sala said, walking along behind her mom.

“Usually I don’t care because you do so much for this village, with your hunting and exploration everywhere, but this is something I will not be lenient on. Your sister has been planning this wedding since you guys got back. Her and Mick wanted their wedding to set off the next Caravan season, since you guys are leaving tomorrow.” Ezra said.

“You mean you’ve been planning it. I don’t think Flora has done much except hang out, look pretty and kiss Mick a few times.” Sala chuckled.

“Fine, I suppose your right, but it doesn’t change the fact that Flora wants you by her side for this. Here, take this, give it to her when the time calls.” Ezra said, leading Sala into the center of the village. She handed her a long chain with a hand carved symbol of the Clavat on it.

“I know what to do mother, I didn’t miss the rehearsal.” Sala chuckled, clasping the necklace in her paw.

A large number of chairs were set up in rows in front of the Great Crystal. The Elder was standing in front of it with his large book in his hands. Mick and Peter already stood in front of him. Mick looked ridiculous in his dress outfit. He had a large black robe on that went to his ankles. Peter was his opposite, all in white. Sala walked down the aisle and stood on the opposite side as the boys, Peter gave her a small smile and a wave that she returned.

As was tradition, Flora was waiting in a nearby house, to be the last one to appear. Ezra dashed off to get her. The entire village was seated in front of them in dead silence, waiting for Flora.

A minute later, she appeared. In a dazzling bright sun yellow dress that trailed out behind her, she looked beautiful. Her hair was curled in bouncy curls and put up in a tail behind her head. She had yellow flowers in her hair and held a bouquet in her hands

She approached The Elder and took her place in front of Mick. The entire village was deathly quiet in anticipation.

“We are gathered here today to Celebrate a miracle. A joining of hearts and souls. Two have chosen to walk the path of life as one. I ask you to bow your heads with me as I give a prayer for the two young lovers.” The Elder said over the hushed crowd.

They did and he gave a long and poetic prayer, ending just as a light breeze was starting to brush over the crowd.

“Now, have each of you brought your token of love?” The Elder asked, looking between them, “Mick, you first.”

“Flora, I have brought you today, a ring. Carved by my own hand and forged in the white hot metal of my love. I hope you will cherish and wear it for as long as we are together on this Earth.” Mick said, taking a ring from Peter.

Mick took her hand and put it on. The ring glinted brightly in the sun. It was a flower with a rounded stem that circled around, all made of pure silver. Flora looked adoringly at it.

“Flora, your token.” The Elder said.

Sala held out her furry paws, the necklace resting on them.

“Mick, I have brought you today, a symbol. Carved by my own hand and made in the likeness of our race. In the hope that you shall love and care for all Clavats as you do for me.” Flora said, clipping the necklace together behind him.

It fit perfectly, hanging just an inch below his neck. The silver emblem glinted brightly against his black robe.

“You have given each a symbol of your love. May it last forever and never be broken. I, with the power of the Village, give these two the title of marriage. You may now kiss.” The Elder said, closing his book.

Mick wrapped his arms around Flora and their lips met passionately.

The silence was broken and the entire crowd cheered loudly. Sala, for some reason, felt herself blush and she smiled slightly. Mick and Flora turned to the Village as everyone stood up.

Flora turned around and tossed her bouquet over her shoulder. A number of girls in the crowd squealed and jumped for it. Sala stepped over to Flora as she kissed Mick again.

“Well, I suppose you’re my brother now aren’t you?” Sala said, looking at Mick.

“Oh damn, I knew there was something about this marriage I didn’t like. Flora, why didn’t you tell me you had a pet?” Mick teased.

“Oh Mick, you’re horrible.” Flora said, smacking him playfully.

“Horrible am I?” Mick said, his eyes glinting.

“Mick…what’re you…Heyyy!!!” Flora cried as Mick wrapped his arms around her backside, he hefted her off the ground and tossed her over his shoulder.

“Coming through, wide load, warning, unhappy bride!” Mick chuckled.

“Mick!” Flora shrieked, “At our wedding?!”

“Dear, our weddings over, our honeymoon is beginning tomorrow. I think we need to go get a start on it, mainly in your bedroom.” Mick said, walking away towards Ezra’s house.

“Mick….” Flora sighed, slumping on his shoulder.

Sala laughed loudly, watching Mick take her sister away on his shoulder.

Chapter 2 – The Second Season Begins

It was the next day and the Caravan was loaded. The Elder was currently blessing the Caravan. Mick and Flora sat together at the reigns and Sala and Peter were sitting together on the back of the Caravan.

“Bless your trip and let you return safely.” The Elder said, nodding to Mick.

Mick snapped the reigns and the Caravan started to move.

“Good luck!” Ezra said.

“Come back soon!” Momo waved to Sala.

The rest of the village yelled out cheers and praises, following them to the edge of the Village’s Barrier. Sala waved one last time as they rattled away. Peter wrapped an arm around her, rubbing the fur on her upper arm.

“This is going to be so much fun!” Sala said, jumping off the back of the Caravan. She turned and ran to the front of the Caravan.

“I hope you feel that way the whole time, because we’re starting by traveling to Lynari Isle. It’s going to take us three days to get there, we’re going to be there two days and take the ship back to the Fields of Fum. This year is going to take us about two months, if we stay on schedule. Unlike last year, we’re going to be using our time to it’s fullest.” Mick said, “A few people in the Village have given me a large amount of trade material and loads of Gil. We’re to collect what we can from Lynari and Fum.”

“Cool, I always heard that Lynari was an interesting place to visit.” Sala said, clasping her hands behind her back.

“It’s a small town and a desert…” Mick said, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, but they are a fishing town and they make such cool trinkets and stuff.” Sala said.

“Shiny things and raw fish.” Mick said, chuckling softly.

Sala looked back at him and hissed angrily.

“I like fish and shiny things.” Sala said, crossing her arms.

All four of them burst out laughing. They weren’t a half a mile from the town and it was feeling like they had just gotten back from their last Caravan trip already. Something about traveling in the Caravan made them all fit together like a puzzle. Back at the village, the four of them didn’t actually hang out very much. They were friends, but, for the most part, they stuck to their own jobs.

In the Caravan however, they were a tight knit family that laughed together and enjoyed each other’s company. It was something about the road and the constriction of the Crystal Chalice.Except Sala of course, she was one of the first in hundreds of years that could live in Miasma.

“You are such a weird Selkie.” Peter sighed, wrapping an arm around Sala’s waist.

“And yet you still love me.” Sala said, wrapping her tail around his waist.

“Well, the sex helps.” Peter said, smiling.

“Oh I see how it is. Maybe we should’t have sex anymore!” Sala said, stepping away from him.

“Oh you know I don’t mean that. But you have to admit, having sex every other night is great. You love it too!” Peter said, wrapping her around the waist.

“God damn it, I hate it when you’re right.” Sala sighed, “I would threaten to make you my sex slave, but i think you would like that.”

“You’re right, I would.” Peter chuckled, smacking her half bare ass with a flat palm.

“Ooooh! Naughty boy.” Sala whispered, kissing him on the cheek.

“Would you two stop that.” Flora said, looking down at them.

“You are one to talk dear sister. You two were ‘wrestling’ around in your room for nearly six hours last night. I slept out in my tree.” Sala said, looking up at her.

“Well, can you blame me, we just got married!” Flora said, looking at Mick, who was smiling lustfully.

They rattled down the road for a few hours, laughing and chatting jovially. Sala was no longer a newbie in the Caravan. She was now a veteran Caravaner, or at least she saw herself as one. Her skills in battle were apparent. Her Cat-like body allowed for greater speed and strength than the average Selkie. She was faster than anyone in the Village and was as strong as any man. Her claws had developed well along with her feline paws. She hadn’t fought anything like the River Belle Crab or the Mushroom Forest Spore Monster, but she had been ruthless and unmatched when it came to roaming monsters around Tipa.

Nothing could touch her if she didn’t want it to.

The Fum’s river boat was up ahead. It was docked on their side of the river and was scheduled to go to Lynari Isle today. Mick had been careful about when they left and what their schedule for the trip was. Because their trip was going to rely on the Fum’s boats, they had to be sure to have everything scheduled and ready, lest they take too long and be forced to fight their way back through the cold winter months.

They rattled and jostled down the road towards the large dock. Three men sat on the dock, playing cards on a barrel between them.

“Ho Caravan! Do you travel from Tipa?” One of the men said, looking up.

“Yes, are you ready to sail?” Mick asked, stopping the Caravan.

“Ready? We were ready to sail at midday. I would’ve liked to be on the sea by now. If we’re going to make it in three days, we need to go!” The man said, setting down his cards, “Boys, clean this up, get the last few boxes and that barrel on board. I’ll get the Caravan ready.”

“Sorry, we had a bit of a late start today, plus there was never a time specified on the schedule.” Mick said, fishing a contract and a small bag of Gil from under the seat. He handed both of them to the Captain.

“Everything seems to be in order. Take it carefully down the dock. One of my boys will direct you.” The Captain said, pocketing the paper and the money.

The boat was fairly simple. It had a large flat deck and a small cabin on the back of it. The sail was built into the front wall of the cabin and hung out ten feet above the deck. This left enough room for quiet a bit of cargo and a Caravan. The Captain’s two boys had already loaded and tied a large chunk of cargo near the cabin.

One of them waved to Mick and pointed to the left side of the deck. It was a careful five minutes trying to get Missy to pull the Caravan up onto the boat and get it in place. Mick unlatched Missy and the brothers tied her to a post near the front.

“We’re going to be taking your Papaopamus over to the Fum port and leave it in the stables there. There’s no point to bring her to the Lynari Isle since the Caravan won’t be able to get off the ship. She’ll be happier there anyway, the Fields are in full bloom this spring and our crops are growing beautifully.” The Captain said to Mick.

“Probably for the best, the Lynari Isle would’ve been a little harsh on her anyway. I hear it’s a real dust bowl.” Mick commented.

“I wouldn’t argue with that. I’ve never been into the Lynari Desert myself, but I’ve heard the Lynari’s have found multiple Myrrh trees hiding among the sands or on nearby islands. I’ve never heard of them coming to the mainland myself. Although, I don’t know how happy they’ll be to see some outsiders coming to take Myrrh from their island. Although they can’t say anything unless they want to break the Caravan Pact.” The Captain said.

The Caravan Pact was something set up hundreds of years ago between the Selkies and Lities to prevent war, but it’s long been expanded to all four major races. The Pact states that, as long as a Caravan is searching for Myrrh, it is allowed to come and go as it pleases anywhere in the civilized world. It also states that any crime commited with the help of or against a Caravan is punishable by death because of the seriousness of preserving the Grand Crystals’ purities. This allowed Caravans to travel the landscape without worry of robbery and mugging, although it still did happen on rare occasion. This also protected villages and communites from being swindled or stolen from because of their hospitality towards a false Caravan.

“Not to mention how much we are bringing there to trade.” Peter chuckled, helping Mick and one of the brothers tie down the Caravan securely.

“You know, I’ve never been on a ship out at sea before. This is going to be fun.” Sala said, walking around the ship’s deck as the Captain and one of his sons hefted up the heavy gangplank.

“Whoa!” One of the brothers jumped as he looked at Sala.

“What?” Sala said, looking behind her quickly.

“Y…You’re a…a cat!” The Brother stuttered.

“Yes I am, what of it?” Sala said, looking back at him.

“I just thought you were wearing gloves and stockings when you got on. I just got a close look at you and realized that you have…a tail…and paws…and cat ears…” The Brother was still stuttering slightly.

“I think I know all this. I was there when it happened.” Sala said sarcastically.

“I’ve just never seen anybody like you.” The Brother said, holding out his hand, “Ian.”

“Sala, Selkie Cat-girl. I’ve never seen anybody like me either.” Sala chuckled, shaking his hand with her tail.

“Whoa…That was weird.” Ian said, looking at her as her tail flicked around behind her.

“I’ve gotten that same reaction from a few other people before. You’re lucky I’m so easy going or I would’ve clawed out your eyes.” Sala chuckled holding up her hands. An inch and a half of clean white claw slid out from each finger.

“Sala, be nice.” Peter said, stepping over behind her. He put his hands around her neck and embraced her. Sala put her paws on his arms and wrapped her tail back around his waist.

“Yes dear.” Sala said scarcastically, leaning back against Peter.

“Boys, we’re ready, Ian, check the rigging. Dean, double check the cargo. I’m on the helm.” The Captain said, addressing his sons.

“Yes father!” Ian said, dashing off.

“You wouldn’t really would you?” Peter asked Sala quietly.

“I don’t know, I’ve never not been easy going.” Sala chuckled, ducking swiftly. She slipped away from him easily to go stand near the side of the boat. She sat down in front of the railing and leaned on it, watching the water splash by as they started down river.


The trip had been monotonous and boring. They were on their last leg of the journey, they had dropped Missy off at the Fum Port and continued on. After two days at sea, The Captain had projected Lynari to be on the horizon by late afternoon. Of the entire trip, the most exciting event was when Peter and Sala hid in the Caravan one night for a little mutual oral.

Sala, held over by her and Peter’s short session, couldn’t wait for their first night at Lynari so her and Peter could have a night alone together. The boat was too small for them to have sex, everybody would end up listening to them as they did it. Which wasn’t a problem except for some of the others may not like that.

“I got something!” Sala cried, pulling on the fishing rod.

She pulled hard on it and the pole jerked up. A large tuna came jumping out of the water. Sala backpedaled, pulling up the fish. It flopped over the edge and onto the boat. Sala threw the pole back and pounced on it. The fish tried to flop away, but her claws were faster. She hit the large fish and dug her claws into it’s head. The fish flopped one last time and stopped.

“I got one too!” Mick cried, pulling on his rod.

The rod bent over quite a ways. Mick was pulling on it as hard as he could, taking slow steps back. Peter rushed to his side and helped him pull. They hefted it up over the side and a massive Tuna flopped onto deck. Mick held the rod back and Peter jumped forward, pulling a knife from his belt. He stabbed the large fish and half cut its head off. The tuna was easily twice the size of Sala’s.

“Lunch!” Flora smiled as Peter and Mick gutted the fish.

Sala walked over to them with her fish in her hands.

“Mine’s bigger.” Mick said, pointing to the fish.

“Mine’s tastier.” Sala said, taking a large bite from it.

“To each his own.” Mick chuckled, gutting the fish over the side of the railing.


Sala licked her lips as she tossed the fish bones over the side of the boat. Flora finished cooking the other fish at just about the same time. She was cooking it on a large metal fire pit in the center of the deck. It was set up on stone legs to keep it from burning the deck.

“Lunch!” Flora called up to the Captain.

“What for, Lynari’s right there!” The Captain yelled, pointing.

Distant on the horizon was a tiny speck. Only Sala and the Captain could really see it at first. It took them fifteen minutes before the rest of them could see it. Lynari Isle was actually fairly large. The vast majority of it was desert. The beaches around the outside had a number of Palm trees and sparse grasses and weeds.

The Captain steered the ship around the island until they reached the small town of Lynari. It was a town built on a cliff side and a beach. The town consisted mostly of tents and a few small buildings. A few caves were also dug out of the cliff side for more places. It was actually quite a large town when you stepped back and looked at it.

“Welcome to Lynari.” The Captain said, steering the boat carefully near the dock. The dock was a floating wood dock anchored forty feet out from the shore.

“Woohoo!” Sala cried, leaping over the side of the boat.

She swam to the shore and walked up the beach. A few kids playing around on the beach looked at her as she shook her hair out behind her.

“Kitty!” One of the younger kids said, pointing at Sala.

Sala couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at the children. She crouched down and looked at the young girl. She was maybe four years old. She wore a cute pink outfit and her hair was up in pig tails.

“Yes, I’m a kitty.” Sala smiled, holding out her paw.

The child tentatively touched Sala’s paw. She smiled and giggled as she ran her small fingers through Sala’s soft fur.

“What’s your name?” Sala asked the young girl.

“Jennifer!” The young girl said, stepping back, “I have pig tails!”

“I see that.” Sala chuckled, standing up. Jennifer jumped forward and wrapped her arms around Sala’s furry leg.

“I’m sorry about her.” An older girl said, picking up Jennifer. She was probably sixteen, maybe an older sister. She was wearing a blue one piece bikini.

“It’s quite alright. This is a nice change of pace. I don’t usually get such a warm welcome.” Sala smiled, touching Jennifer with a paw.

“Well, I admit you’re a little odd, but I don’t see any reason to freak out.” The older girl said nicely.

“I think my friends are waiting for me.” Sala said, looking at the other three walking down the gangplank. Ian and Dean were tying the boat tightly to the dock.

“Bye bye kitty.” Jennifer said, waving to her.

Sala smiled and walked down the dock.

“Aren’t you worried at all about being outside the Crystal Barriers?” The Captain asked as Sala walked up.

“Nope, I’m immune to Miasma.” Sala said simply, “What’s our first stop?”

“I’m going to find us a couple of rooms.” Flora said, looking up at Lynari. It criss-crossed up the cliff side.

“I think Peter and I are going to get trading. I’ve got a list from a few of the villagers of what they want. He’s going to take part of it and we’re going to go see what we can get.” Mick said, unfurling a roll of paper. He ripped it in half in the center and gave half of the roll to Peter

“Hmm…I think I’ll just go for a walk. I was so cooped up on that ship.” Sala said, turning around.

“Wait a second, we need to figure out where the Inn is so that we all know where to meet back up.” Flora said, stopping them.

“Fine.” Sala sighed, waiting for her sister.


The sun had fallen on the island of Lynari. Sala had spent some time wandering around the beach that encircled the entire island. She was fairly accustom to being outside the barriers now and she could barely tell a difference between the two. She was currently on her way up through the town to the Inn.

The Inn was made from a small cave carved in the cliff. It had been carved out further as the town expanded. The Inn itself had a main room and five doors off it to small bedrooms, each with one bed.

Flora had only rented two rooms.

Sighing, Sala opened the door to the Inn. A mixture of chatting and laughter washed over her. She stepped inside. The Inn was fairly lively. The Captain, Ian, Dean, Peter, Mick, Flora and a plethora of others were sitting, standing or just hanging out around the large room. Apparently the Inn, because of its size and drinks, was a popular hangout spot for the Village.

Sala stepped through the crowd, attracting quite a mix of stares, the Inn went fairly silent. Some were looking lustfully at the almost naked Cat-girl that walked in and some were confused at the new person that walked in, trying to decide whether she was Selkie, Clavat or what.

The people went back to their drinks as Sala sat down with Peter, Mick and Flora near the back of the Inn.

“Where ya’ been sis?” Flora asked, looking across the table at her.

“I went for a walk down the beach. I can’t seem to decide whether this village likes me or hates me. Anyone under the age of ten absolutely loves me. But the rest of them…I don’t know.” Sala sighed, crossing her arms on the table.

“Do you need to be loved by everyone?” Mick asked, looking at her.

“Well…It would make having six people for an orgy a whole lot easier.” Sala sighed.

“Wait…how do you know it would be six people?” Flora asked suddenly.

“Because in counting order of sexual encounters it goes: Masturbation…Sex…Threesome…Two-Couples…Two-Couples and a Bystander…and…Orgy. Six people.” Sala said, counting on her paws.

The entire table looked at her with blank eyes and amazed stares.

“Does your entire life revolve around sex?” Peter broke the silence.

“Pretty much. Come on, it’s about time for some.” Sala said, standing up.

“Woohoo!” Peter chuckled, jumping to his feet.

“You two are such perverts!” Flora shrieked as they ran off.

“You about done?” Mick asked as the two disappeared.

“Yea.” Flora sighed.

“Ready to go have sex now?” Mick asked.

“Yea.” Flora said, hanging her head.

“You sound so enthusiastic.” Mick said, helping her to her feet.

“I’m a horrible hypocrite.” Flora sighed.

“No, you’re an opportunist that wants to see the best in other people.” Mick said, wrapping an arm around her.

Flora looked up at him for a second and then broke down, laughing loudly.


“This may sound cheesy, but I don’t think I could sleep with a normal girl ever again.” Peter said, running his hands up her velvety legs. She was sitting on the bed and he was on his knees.

He slid his hands up to her waist and pulled down her white G-string. He leaned forward and started to lick her. Since she had become a cat, a small tear shaped tuft of soft white fur had grown above her slit.

“Mrrreow…oh..that’s wonderful…mmmm…” Sala purred, putting her paws on his head.

Peter smiled and circled his tongue around her little knob. Sala squeaked, surprised at the sudden rush of pleasure. Her tail was flicking back and forth as she tingled with pleasure.

It was like a warm light growing inside her. It grew and blossomed, spreading from her pussy, down her legs and out to her arms. It bubbled up her neck and she purred with happiness as it filled her up. Her ears twitched and her eyes lazed, half closed. She fell back, her arms flopping out on the bed.

Sala purred louder, pushing up her white fur bra, she started to rub her left breast. Something about the fur covering her paw made her breasts tingle wonderfully.

“Ohh…Peter…I’m going to cum…” Sala moaned, grabbing at the bedsheets.

Sala clenched up for a second as her pussy squirted lightly at Peter and then she fell limp, breathing quickly.

“Oh Peter…don’t…don’t wait…now…do me now…” Sala breathed, looking up at Peter.

Peter stood up, dropped his pants and grabbed Sala’s waist. He had stopped arguing quite a few months ago. When Sala told him to do something, he just did it. He had long since learned that the more orgasms he gave her, the better it was for him in the end.

“You are so beautiful.” Peter said, leaning over her.

He felt his head prod into Sala’s soft lips. She moaned as Peter pushed into her. He felt her tight insides around him and he shoved roughly. Sala howled and arched her back as his cock suddenly delved deep inside her.

It was heaven incarnate, Sala didn’t even bother to move as Peter rode her. He shoved in and out of her fast and hard. Over the last year, he quickly learned that there was no limit to how hard he could fuck Sala. She could only enjoy it more and more.

“Oh god…so wonderful…harder Peter! Harder!” Sala yelled, wrapping her arms around him.

Peter reveled in the pleasure he gave Sala. He loved seeing her melt in his hands and howl with pleasure at his pounding. He didn’t know what it was, but something deep inside him gave him pleasure just to hear Sala howling in pleasure.

He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up. He stood up, her arms wrapped around his neck and pressed her back against the cold stone wall. Sala gasped and he shoved into her harder.

“Oh god yesss! Peter!’ Sala screamed as he rammed into her again and again.

Sala was completely and totally lost in a swirling typhoon of pleasure. She moaned louder as he drove her into the wall. Sala couldn’t do anything but moan and meow as peter drove harder into her.

“Mrreeoowww…Ohhh…Peter…I’m gonna…cum…” Sala moaned, wrapping her arms tighter around Peter.

“Ow ow ow ow!” Peter cried, dropping Sala.

Sala slumped against the wall, shaking with pleasure. She squirted heavily, fighting to stay on her feet. She failed, slumping down to her knees in a puddle of her own juice. She fell back against the wall, breathing heavily.

“God, you clawed my back to hell.” Peter said, feeling pinpricks of pain in his back. Ten drops of blood welled on his back in the holes from her claws.

“So…so…gooood…” Sala moaned, slumping sideways against the bed.

“Are you okay?” Peter asked, looking down at Sala.

Sala was slumped sideways, half unconscious, unaware of her surroundings.

“You goof.” Peter sighed, wrapping his arms around Sala. He picked her up, set her on the bed and went to tend to his back.


Peter was awoken by a wonderful feeling. He didn’t want to move, should the feeling stop. A minute later, he came. His hips bucked slightly and he felt hot cum surge from his dick.

“Ohhh…that’s a way to wake up…” Peter sighed, opening his eyes.

He sat up and saw a large lump in the blankets in front of him. Pulling it up, he saw Sala lying between his legs, licking her lips.

“Tasty milk.” Sala smiled, licking the last of it off his dick.

“Sala…” Peter chuckled, letting his head drop back onto the pillow.

Sala climbed up under the blankets and cuddled up on him. He felt her bare breasts and naked legs press against him. He wrapped an arm around her and let it lay on her bare ass.

“Sorry about your back.” Sala whispered.

“I’ve had worse. I was just sorry that I knocked you out after only two orgasms.” Peter said.

“Two? You think I only had two? It felt like I was cumming the whole time you were inside me.” Sala said, trailing her fingers down his chest.

Peter smiled and pulled the blankets back up over them.

Chapter 3 – A Cat In The Desert

Sala was up an hour before everyone else. The sun was already up and people were walking the streets. She followed the path up and onto the top of the plateau-like island There were almost no houses on top of the cliff side. A short scraggly grass gave way to hard rock and granite. A few yards further it gave way to sand, warm and coarse, it covered most of the island.

The sun shone down on Sala and made her feel odd. She felt like she was full of energy and could do anything, yet at the same time she felt like lying down on a nice piece of stone and bask in the warmth.

She chose the latter, finding a nice large round rock. She clambered up it and curled up on the top of it. The sun was just barely up above the horizon, shining directly on the cliff side. It was cool in the mornings and the sun was invited, but later in the day, the shade provided by the cliff and the angle of the sun was more enjoyable.

Sala stretched every limb, finger and toe in her body. She splayed out over the rock and her tail bounced back and forth lazily. The sun warmed her white fur and made the hair lying across her shoulders glow magnificently. She felt so comfortable on the warm rock with the bright sun above her.

She gave a great yawn that ended in a low meow. Curling up, she laid her head on her arms and let the heat warm her body through and through. The only thing was that within a few minutes, she was fast asleep on top of that rock.


She was dreaming that she was sunbathing on a warm beach back in Tipa. She was lying naked, letting the sun tan her back. The strangest thing was that she wasn’t a cat anymore. She was back to normal, lying naked on bare arms without a tail or extra fur anywhere.

It was strange.

“Sala…” A light voice floated through her dreams.

“No…go away…just a few…more…” Sala mumbled, waving a paw.

She nuzzled against her furry arms, enjoying the hot rock beneath her and the warm sunlight soaking her.

“Sala! Wake up!” Flora snapped, smacking Sala roughly on her ass.

“Eeep!” Sala cried, her head snapping up.

She opened her eyes to the bright sun around her. Turning around, she saw Peter, Mick and Flora standing there, the Crystal Chalice bobbed up and down on Mick’s back.

“I was having such a good nap though.” Sala yawned, stretching.

She slipped down from the rock and looked at her sister.

“What?” Flora asked as she was stared at.

“You are becoming a pervert aren’t you?” Sala accused.

“What?! Why on earth…? You’re crazy!” Flora shrieked.

“Well, you’re the one that gave me this hand mark.” Sala said, turning around with a hand on her own rear.

“It…It was the best way to wake you up!” Flora denied.

“Oh shut it you two, let’s just get going.” Peter said, adjusting the barrel on his back. He had a few gallons of water for their trip.

Sala sighed and smacked Flora back, enjoying her squeak and jump. She turned around and glared at Sala.

“You know, I think you two are getting frisky.” Mick chuckled, looking at them.

“Maybe.” Sala smiled.

“No!” Flora cried.

Sala laughed and they started off.


They had been walking through the desert for nearly an hour. Sala was walking along happily, her tail flicking around behind her. The others were sweating and half naked, not enjoying the heat at all. Mick was trudging along in his underwear with his pants wrapped around his head. Peter had stripped and left behind most of his armor except his own underwear.

Flora had tried her hardest to stay modest, but the heat eventually won over and she was forced to take her shirt off and let it drape behind her like a cape. She continued on like the rest of them, in her underwear.

“Who’s wonderful idea was it to come here?” Flora asked, looking at the others.

“Sure as hell wasn’t mine.” Peter said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Oh shut up, I thought it would be a good excursion for us. Look, Sala’s enjoying herself.” Mick sighed.

“Sala’s not normal!” Flora cried, “She’s used to going around naked, I am not!”

“Then strip and get used to it quick.” Peter said, chuckling.

Flora gasped and wrapped her arms across her chest.

“What’s wrong dear sister, afraid to show what god gave you?” Sala said, teasing her sister. She pulled her top off and let her gorgeous globes bounce out.

Peter and Mick’s jaws dropped, staring at Sala’s chest. Sala grabbed her breasts and bounced them around, sticking out her tongue playfully.

“Sala! Put your top back on!” Flora screamed, kicking Mick in the shin.

“Oh sister, you’re no fun.” Sala sighed, pulling her top back on.

“Yes, but I’m not an immodest perverted fool!” Flora cried.

“I may be an immodest pervert, but I am not a fool! How dare you call me such a thing. If we weren’t in the middle of the desert, I would so rape you!” Sala said in mock ferocity.

Flora gasped and tried to say something, but she only ended up making a few incoherent noises, stamping her foot and staring at Sala.

“Oh come on sister, what’s wrong?” Sala said, looking at Flora.

“Just keep walking!” Flora snapped.


They had walked through the desert for a few hours, traveling from marker to marker. Mick had apparently found a map earlier in the year that would lead their way to one of the few Myrrh Trees in the desert. Their water was almost gone, but they were, according to the map, almost there.

“Oh thank god, I hear water!” Flora cried, running forward.

They chased after her.

Flora was right, ahead of them was a small oasis. There were a few tall trees and some scraggly bushes around it.

“God yes!” Flora said, dropping her shirt. She ripped off her top, kicked away her shoes and went head first into the large rock pond. Her sword was still clattering on the stone when they reached the edge of it.

The Pond was ten to fifteen feet across and just as deep. Crystal clear water bubbled up from a spring beneath the pond. It splashed down in a small stream down the others side of the pond. It looked like it splashed down into a cave entrance.

“Flora, what happened to modesty?” Mick said, slipping into the water in his underwear. He carefully set his sword next to Flora’s

“Modesty is for when your brain isn’t cooking. I don’t care right now. Its too damn hot to argue.” Flora said, dunking under the water.

“Woohoo!” Sala cried, tossing all of her clothes aside. She leaped naked into the pond.

“Oh, now I gotta get in.” Peter said, jumping in his underwear. He stuck his spear in a crack in the rocks.

“This is soo nice.” Sala sighed, pulling her wet hair out of her eyes.

“You had to get in completely naked?” Flora asked.

“If you’re going to get in half naked, I’ve got to beat it and get in completely naked.” Sala said, looking over at her sister.

“Well…I…Fine, you have me there. Just…oh I give up.” Flora sighed, sinking under the water.

The four of them relaxed in the cool water for nearly an hour before Mick sighed and climbed out onto the rocky shore.

“We still have to finish this.” Mick said, looking down at them.

“Oh damn it…” Peter sighed, rolling over.

“He’s right.” Sala said, climbing up on the shore.

“Sala!” Flora shrieked as she climbed up.

“What?” Sala asked, looking at her between her legs.

“Put on your underwear!” Flora cried, looking away from Sala.

“I thought you had something important to say.” Sala sighed, grabbing her g-string.

“I…I have something important to say…Flora sucks.” Peter said, looking up at Sala’s naked womanhood.

“You are a pervert!” Flora cried, smacking Peter.

“Still worth it!” Peter cried as Flora smacked him again and again.

“There Flora, I’m wearing underwear, happy?” Sala said sarcastically, smacking her own ass.

Flora just sighed and pulled on her own clothing. The rest of them redressed completely except for Peter who had dropped all of his leather armor through the desert. He was in his underwear with a full barrel of water on his back.

“Whoa! The map says its down in this cave!” Mick said, looking the map over.

“Cool, let’s go.” Sala said, running down into the entrance.

The other three followed after her. The cave was getting dark and the Crystal Chalice provided a small glow. Sala’s cat eyes adjusted and the cavern was lit up bright as day because of the small light glowing behind her.

Sala’s ears pricked as there was a small scampering noise down further in the cave. The four of them walked on either side of the small stream, looking around carefully.

The cave forked in front of them and the stream splashed down to the left.

“The map says go right.” Mick said, looking it over in the Crystal light from his back.

“Then lets go.” Sala said, walking down the right.

A small green flash appeared in front of them. It scampered around and stopped in front of them. A small, funny looking Cactus stopped in front of them. It had a funny face, two crooked arms and two crooked little legs. It was bent forward, scampering around on one leg.

The Cactus stopped in front of them and looked at them. Then it flipped sideways, lowered its head, seemingly to fall over, but it stayed up. There was a small screech from it and a needle shot from the top of its head, followed by another and another.

The needles were faster than Sala and they struck her all over her body. She screamed shrilly and stumbled back. The thin, inch long needles protruded from all over her. Blood dripped down her body in short streams and she fell over back wards.

“Sala!” Flora cried, seeing her sister fall over backwards. Needles were stabbed into her, probably two dozen in her chest and about a dozen pierced over her thighs.

“You little bastard!” Peter yelled, running forward. He hurled his spear at the small creature.

The Cactus turned to scamper away, but the spear was faster, catching it through the center of its mass, pinning it to the floor. It gave a pitiful cry and fell limp with the spear through its chest.

“Sala, are you alright?” Flora asked, looking over her sister.

“Just…Just pull them out damn it!” Sala cringed, afraid to move.

It took them nearly ten minutes to pull them all out as Sala moaned and cringed in pain. Flora pulled out the last one carefully and she helped Sala to her feet.

“Are you okay?” Peter asked, looking at her.

“They’re just pinpricks, I’ll be fine.” Sala said through gritted teeth.


They continued down the long cave, searching through the darkness for the Myrrh Tree.

Sala could feel pain with every movement. The little cactus’ needles hadn’t pierced deep, but they had gotten her all over. None of them had pierced any major veins so she wasn’t really bleeding that much. it was just tiny painful needle holes all over her body. The part that annoyed her most was that two of the needles had pierced her left breast on either side of the areola. The two spots pricked and burned with almost every breath.

“I think I see it.” Sala said, squinting at the prick of light in the distance.

They continued down the cave until it opened into a larger area. The room was dark except for the Crystal Chalice’s light and a light emanating from the tunnel beyond. There was a skittering sound nearby.

“Not those things again.” Sala said, looking around. There was a touch of movement up on a wall.

“Where?” Flora cried, looking up.

“I don’t think it’s a cactus.” Mick said shakily.

“What makes you say that?” Flora asked, turning around.

“That.” Mick said, pointing up above the tunnel they just came from.

A massive scorpion was clinging to the wall up there. It gave a strange clicking and hissing before scampering up the wall and onto the ceiling. It skittered across the ceiling and shoved off, landing on the floor in front of them.

“Careful of the tail!” Mick warned, seeing the scorpion’s tail floating back and forth above them. It snapped its two large claws menacingly.

“I’ll take care of this.” Sala said, unsheathing her claws. Unlike the others who had to remain close enough together that the Crystal Chalice would protect them, Sala didn’t have to fear the Miasma.

She ran forward, dodging back and forth to avoid its claws. She slashed out at the scorpion and her claws scraped harmlessly across its shell. Sala leaped forward and landed on top of it. She clawed and scraped at it, but the tough shell couldn’t be penetrated by her.

The beast moved quickly to the side and bashed Sala off with its tail. She rolled sideways and bounced up onto her feet.

“Damn hard shell.” Sala said, flexing her claws.

“I don’t think I can get past those claws to get a hit in.” Mick said, shoving back one of the massive creatures claws.

“But I can, give me a weapon.” Sala said, holding out her paw.

Peter tossed his spear and Sala wrapped her paw around it. She jumped out of the way of the scorpion and leaped forward. Sala got around its claw and jammed the spear right in the joint where it joined the body.

The spear barely made a scratch, even at a joint of the beast.

“Nothing!” Sala cried, jumping out of the way.

“What the hell are we going to do then?” Mick yelled, watching Sala dodge the scorpion’s tail. The tail stuck deep in the rock and pulled back. The rock melted very slightly, burned by the scorpion’s poison.

“I know what to do! I know what to do!” Flora cried.

“What?” Peter and Sala asked together as Sala tossed his spear back to him.

“Sala, you have to get on top of it! Get it to stab itself!” Flora yelled, pointing at the scorpion’s tail.

Sala smiled and jumped into action. The scorpion had caught onto her though, it was ready and it scrambled backward. Sala landed right in between its claws. She realized her mistake and kept sinking downward. The scorpion’s claws snapped closed right above her as she scrambled backward. The scorpion clacked its mandibles in a seemingly laughing way.

Sala scrambled backward on all fours, her tail high in the air and the hair on her spine standing up.

“Cats always land on their feet huh?” Flora teased, seeing Sala crouching on the ground.

“Shut up sister. I’m busy trying to kill it!” Sala hissed, baring her fangs angrily.

Her claws dug into the sand on the cave floor as she leaped forward, hissing like an enraged cat.

“Let’s try and distract it!” Peter said, running forward.

They got the scorpions attention and got it to follow them as Sala circled around it.

“Sala, what’re you doing?” Flora asked, seeing Sala running for a large stalagmite.

Sala’s claws dug into the stone and she wrapped her arms skillfully around it, climbing up. Reaching the ceiling, she leaped backwards towards the scorpion. Her tail helped her spin around and she hit the beast’s tail directly. It was shoved down and barely touched its own shell. There was a sizzling sound and the shell started to burn away as the scorpion flung its tail around to get rid of Sala.

The shell burned and cracked, leaving a large crack through the middle of it. Soft flesh was visible and Sala jumped. The scorpion was still focused on trying to snap Mick in half and didn’t notice Sala climb onto it’s shell.

“Peter, spear!” Sala cried.

Peter threw his spear and Sala caught it. Spinning it around, she put the point in between the large crack and shoved downward. Green blood spurted up a little bit and Sala shoved further.

The scorpion stopped, its tail twitching. Sala twisted the spear and pulled it out. It stopped moving almost instantly and collapsed. Sala had managed to hit an important organ inside the creature.

“Foul beast.” Sala hissed, stepping down off its shell.

“Nice job everyone, good thing Flora gave us that idea.” Mick said, wrapping an arm around her.

“I sure hope that’s a Myrrh Tree.” Peter sighed, looking down the tunnel opposite them.

“It should be.” Mick said, unfurling the map again.

“Should be? If I did all that to find a cliff side cave entrance, I’m going to throw you in the sea!” Flora snapped.

“All of what you did? Who killed it?” Sala said, looking back at her sister.

“Yes, but I was helping distract it and I gave you the idea to kill it didn’t I?” Flora said, smiling innocently.

“You told me to have it stab itself, I jumped on it and got it to melt its own shell.” Sala pointed out.

“Which it did by stabbing itself!” Flora said, exasperated.

“Let’s go get some Myrrh!” Peter snapped, trying to shut the girls up, “It was my spear and it’s dead now. Who cares who did it, let’s just go.”


With the Crystal Chalice a third full of Myrrh, they had camped by the small oasis and continued back to the town in less time that it took them to get there. They were back on the ship after about ten minutes in town. The Captain was in a hurry to make their way back to the Fields of Fum. They were apparently behind schedule, but Mick couldn’t see how.

They spent another few days on the ship and made their way back to the mainland, in high spirits.

“There it is!” Mick said, pointing up the river from them.

The same dock they had stopped at on their way down was on their left. The Captain brought the ship up river with the sails full open. After they tied to the dock, the group of four disembarked and waved the Captain goodbye.

“Look at that. When was the last time we saw something this beautiful!” Sala said, pointing ahead of them.

The cool rustling Fields of Fum were spread in front of them. Rolling green fields looked so clean and inviting after their ordeal on Lynari Isle. A single path lead from the dock, across the first expanse of green grass to a small village.

It was truly an oasis in the Miasma ridden world.

Chapter 4 – The Fields of Fum

Sala sighed and looked up at the bright sun above them. They stood in the plentiful Fields of Fum. It was also known as the lungs of the world, because the fields were so healthy that in years when the miasma is light, many of the Fum villagers can sometimes breath outside the barriers.

Their caravan bounced and rattled as they continued down the road.

“Ho Caravaners!” A voice called from near them.

Mick looked over on their right and saw a farmer waving to them.

“Take some apples!” The farmer called, tossing a few towards them.

“Thank you!” Sala called, taking an apple from Flora.

“Only too happy to!” The farmer smiled.

They munched happily as they continued down through the fields. Even behind the barrier, they all could feel the fresh cool air in their lungs. It revitalized them and made them feel wonderful. Compared to the rest of the world, the Fields were life and the essence of beauty, fields of crops and flowers as far as you could see.

“I love it here. It all smells so wonderful.” Flora said, taking a long breath.

“Hey Mick, whats first on the agenda?” Peter asked.

“Well, there’s a place just a little south of here called the Selepation Caves. I thought we would start there.” Mick said, looking around at the other three.

“A trudge through a cave, that doesn’t sound so bad.” Sala said optimistically.

The sun was setting and the sky was turning bright red.

“Well, we’re not going to make it there today, we’re going to stay here for the night and start off tomorrow morning.” Mick said, stopping the Caravan outside an Inn.

“Yay.” Sala said, looking over at Peter.

“You two…” Flora sighed, knowing what she was thinking.

“What? We were just on a boat for three days, I need sex.” Sala said, crossing her paws under her breasts.

“I agree!” Peter said, smiling widely.

Flora groaned as she got out of the Caravan.

“Really Flora, are you going to do this again?” Mick said, staring at his wife.

“What?” She said defensively.

“When are you going to admit that you are as sex crazed as your sister?” Mick said, “You fuck my brains out every night for three hours at least.”

“I…you…Mick…I…Gah!” Flora cried, stomping off towards the Inn.

“Flora, Flora come back!” Mick yelled, running after her.

“Come on, I’m probably going to have to talk to her.” Sala sighed, waving to Peter.

They walked into the Inn just in time to see Flora stomp up the stairs and into a room, Mick running after her.

“Are you with her?” The Innkeeper asked, pointing at Sala.

“Yea.” Sala said, stopping.

“Ask her not to destroy my room.” The Innkeeper said, his voice wavering.

His face was white and he was sweating. Apparently Flora had dumped her rage all over him.

“Sorry about her, her husband just said the wrong thing. Let me go talk to her.” Sala said, nodding to him.

As Sala walked up the stairs, the Innkeeper did a double take, seeing her tail. He realized that the white fur on her wasn’t clothing, but actual fur. She had a tail and cat ears.

Sala opened the door and a loud yelling met her ears.

“How could you Mick! I don’t want to be seen like her. I don’t want to be seen as a whore! I hate my body, why am I so attached to sex? I shouldn’t be, but I am. I hate myself every time I sleep with you because it reminds me that I can’t control myself and that I’m like her!” Flora screamed, tears running down her face.

“Is that what you really think Flora?” Sala said, feeling her sisters words really pierce her chest. Tears welled in her eyes.

“What?” Flora said, looking up.

“Is that what you think of me? That I’m just a…a whore? You think that because I enjoy sex I’m a slut? How…how could you? I don’t sleep around. Admittedly I love sex, but it’s not like I sleep with different people. I love Peter, I really do. Just because…just because I enjoy having sex with him doesn’t mean I’m a whore. Your exactly like me, exactly like Ezra and Momo. Your a nymphomaniac, but you won’t accept it like me. Instead, you drag everyone else down and put them down for enjoying sex. Your a god damn hypocrite!” Sala cried, tears splashing down her face.

She turned and ran out of the room. Sala ran out of the Inn and turned around the corner. She stopped and leaned against the side of the Inn, hiding her face. She slid down the wall, crying loudly. Tears ran down her face and she hugged her knees to her, hiding her face in her arms.

“Why…why did she have to be so mean…I’m…I’m not a whore…” Sala choked through her tears.

“Of course your not.” Peter’s voice came from above her.

Peter sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her.

“Your sister was just yelling irrationally. Your not a whore whatsoever, just because you enjoy sex doesn’t mean there’s anything bad about you…or her. I enjoy sex just as much as you, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. It’s okay…just let it out…” Peter whispered, hugging her to him.

She laid her head on his chest and cried softly.


Flora watched Sala run out of the room and heard her crying.

“Honey…are you alright?” Mick said, sitting down next to her, “I’m sorry about what I said…I…I just don’t think before I say things.”

“It’s…it’s not your…your fault.” Flora cried, cuddling up against him.

“Well, If I hadn’t said anything, none of this would’ve happened.” Mick said, wrapping an arm around her.

“No…Sala’s right…I just have to accept it. I’m a…a…nymphomaniac like the rest of my…my family…” Flora sniffed, tears still dripping down her face.

“And that doesn’t make you any less of a woman. I love you all the same.” Mick said, wiping away her tears before he kissed her.

“But what are people going to think? I mean, what if they start thinking I’m a whore?” Flora said, her tears returning.

“They won’t and you know why? Because it’s just me. Your married now, remember? It’s okay to have sex with me.” Mick said, kissing her again, “Plus if anyone ever does, I will kill them.”

“Oh you…I’m so glad we’re married.” Flora said, cuddling up to him again. She sniffed and sighed.

Mick wrapped his arms around her and kissed her again.

“You know what it means?” Flora said, her voice a little stronger.

“What means?” Mick said, looking at her.

“That I’m a nymphomaniac…” Flora smiled, pushing him back onto the bed. She climbed up and crawled over him, sitting down on his lap, “Oooh…Your getting hard aren’t you?”

“Mmmhmm…” Mick said, running his hands down her arms, “Are you going to become like your sister now?”

“Hmm…not a chance…but I’ll be a little more lenient with you guys now.” Flora said, running her hand down his cheek.

Their lips met and their tongues played around each other.

“Will you get up and let me see you in your panties at least?” Mick said, looking into her eyes.

“Mmm…that I can.” Flora smiled, sliding off his lap.

She stood up and pulled off her clothing until she was just in her panties. She crossed her arms across her breasts and smiled, “Are you looking at my breasts you naughty boy?”

“Maybe…there’s one other thing I’d like to see.” Mick said, standing up in front of her.

“Would it happen to be my ass…?” Flora whispered sensually.

She turned around and bent over, smiling. Mick smiled and ran his hand across her beautiful round butt. Grabbing the sides of her panties, he pulled them up until it looked like she was wearing a thong. He smacked her ass roughly.

“Ohh! Have I been naughty? Do I need to be spanked?” Flora said, smiling deviously.

“Maybe, should I bend you over my lap and teach you a lesson?” Mick said, pulling down her panties.

“I think I’ve been naughty enough.” Flora smiled as he sat down.

She laid across his lap, her legs tight together. Mick rubbed a hand across her ass and gave it a flat spank. Flora cried and gasped, “Again!”

He spanked her twice more, watching her gasp and moan with each one.

“My you are a naughty girl, are you possibly enjoying this?” Mick said, prodding at her wet pussy.

“I don’t know, hit me again and find out.” Flora said.

He spanked her thrice more and she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Once more, harder!” Flora cried, her pussy dripping down her legs.

Mick spread his fingers and gave her a spank that rang around the room.

“God yes! Take me Mick, pound your naughty girl into the bed!” Flora cried, her pussy completely drenched now.

Mick picked her up with ease and set her down on the bed. He dropped his pants and pulled her legs apart. Her bare red ass and dripping wet pussy made his lust go crazy. He put his hands on her waist and pushed his dick between her legs. His head probed into her wet pussy and she moaned happily. He grasped her waist and pulled her towards him, spearing her on his hard shaft.

Flora gasped and cried out, following it with a pleasing moan. He pulled back and pushed back into her again. Her tight Clavat pussy squeezed around him and dripped onto the bed. Mick loved it when she got like this and in the past year she often did.

“Ohhh…Mick…pick me up, bounce me up and down on your thick cock!” Flora moaned, looking back at him.

Mick wrapped his arms around her chest and picked her up off the bed. He held her against him and drove her up and down on his dick. She cried out each time he dropped her down on him. His cock was probing the deepest depths of his wife’s womb.

“Yes…yes…yes yes yes yes! More Mick more!” Flora screamed.

He picked her up and turned her around so that she was facing him and then shoved her down on his cock as hard as he could. Flora screamed and a gush of juice squirted from her.

“I love it Mick!” Flora moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He pushed her up against the wall and started to pound harder into her tight pussy.

“Ohh god…Mick…I’m gonna have an orgasm!” Flora moaned, feeling her pussy tighten around his thick shaft.

Her entire body exploded with pleasure. She forgot everything in the world in that moment, forgot her husband, their mission and even to breath. The orgasm tore through her body, making every inch of her skin tingle with pleasure. Mick set her down and his dick slid out of her. She felt cold air in her ravaged pussy and she squirted all over the floor. her eyes rolled back from the pleasure.

“I’m not done yet.” Mick said, grabbing her waist.

He drove up into her again, making her cry out and start to cum again. He shoved up madly into her four or five more times, her cumming just about as many times before he dropped out of her and came himself. She slid to her knees and he shot his load all over her face. Sweet sticky cum splattered her nose and cheeks, running down in sticky strings.

Flora sighed and her eyes inched closed.

“Come on honey, let’s get some sleep.” Mick sighed, all of his exertion caught up with his body.

He hefted her into the bed as she was falling asleep.

“I love you my wife and I wouldn’t want you any other way.” Mick whispered into her ear as he slipped into the bed.


Sala and Peter walked together through the trees under the moon light. They had been walking side by side for a few minutes. Sala had stopped crying, but she still didn’t feel that good.

“Hey Peter, let’s do it.” Sala said, turning to him.

“What?” He said uncertain.

“Right here, let’s do it. I don’t care what my sister thinks, I won’t go changing no matter what anyone thinks. I like sex, who gives a damn!” Sala said, her old exuberance bubbling up again.

“Um…Okay!” Peter said, undoing his new pants. He had picked up some cheap pants and a shirt at Lynari after they had gotten out of the desert.

His long thick cock flopped out. Sala knelt down in front of him, smiling widely. She rubbed a furry paw along the length of it. She wrapped her lips around the head of it and started to feel it harden already. It was getting longer and probing deeper in her mouth without her moving. Soon, her lips were wrapped around a thick shaft of rock hard pleasure. She moved up and down it, feeling it prod the back of her throat every time. She pulled back off it with a loud pop!

“There, nice and hard, now lie down.” Sala said, pulling off her top.

He did as he was told and she climbed on top of him. Pulling her G-string aside, she lined up with him and sat down. His cock ripped up into her and shoved against the back of her pussy. She cried happily and lost her balance, falling forward on him.

“Too hard?” Peter asked, raising an eyebrow.

“God no…mmmm…too wonderful…” Sala sighed pushing herself up with her paws on his chest. Her tail flicked around behind her happily.

She pushed up and let herself fall, enjoying the sudden jolt of his cock slamming into her. She positioned her knees and started to bounce up and down on him. Her heavenly globes bounced up and down inches from Peter’s face. He just watched her cry and moan as his dick ravaged her insides.

“Mrrroow…So deep…so wonderful…I love it…” Sala moaned, her entire body tingling with pleasure.

Her tail curled around and started to rub against her anus. It sent tingles up her spine and she shuddered slightly. Peter wrapped his hands around her and grabbed her gorgeous ass in both hands. Pleasure tingled through Peter’s penis as she rode up and down him.

She bent down over him and shoved her ass up and down faster. His cock dug deeper and deeper into her. Sala pushed herself down on him suddenly, burying his cock as deep inside her as she could. Her pussy clenched around him and he felt a sudden rush of wetness.

“Ohhhh…cumming…” Sala cried, lifting her ass up and off him.

Her pussy squirted as she set back down in front of his cock. Juice splashed across his lap and she meowed happily. Her head fell down on him and she laid still, purring.

“Damn, was it good?” Peter asked, running his hand through her long hair.

She nodded weakly.

“P…Peter…Bend me over…do my ass…” Sala whispered in his ear.

She rolled her pelvis up and down, feeling his cock rub roughly against her tight little anus.

“Now that sounds like fun, but I don’t think I’ll bent you over.” Peter smiled, pushing her up. He stood up and helped Sala to her feet.

Standing unsteadily, Sala looked into Peters eyes and smiled.

“What did you have in mind my love?” Sala said, smiling innocently.

“Turn around and put your paws up on the tree.” Peter said, pointing at the large tree in front of him.

“Hmm…yes my master…” Sala said, smiling deviously.

Peter rubbed his hands over her as she did so. Sala purred and her tail flicked back and wrapped itself around his cock. He shuddered at the tickling feeling of the fur on her tail. He spread her cheeks and looked down at her cute little anus.

Peter prodded at it with his hard cock. Sala squeaked and gasped as his head pushed against her. She bit her lip as he stretched her ass out, the tension was painful and yet her entire body tingled with pleasure. He pushed harder, shoving more of himself into her. Her vice-like ass squeezed around him as he pulled her towards him.

“Ohhh goddd…So big…” Sala moaned as the last inch of his large cock pushed into her ass.

Her spine tingled and her entire body shuddered as he started to pull back. Her insides seem to fight to keep him in. Peter pushed on her ass and pushed her back to his head. He started to push back into her, groaning with the pressure. The inside of her ass was like a furnace.

“You are so…tight…” Peter moaned trying to push faster.

“Mrreow…mmm…sooo…good…” Sala moaned loudly, feeling an orgasm approaching.

“I’m…Cumming!” Peter grunted, pushing himself up into her ass.

His load exploded up into her, painting her insides with hot sticky cum. Sala moaned as she felt the hot cum pushing up into her. She moaned softly and started purring as he pulled out of her. She dug her claws into the tree to stay standing. Cum spurted form her ass and splattered over the grass. Sala came and fell to her knees, shaking from the orgasm. Her pussy squirted across the grass and more cum shot from her ass.

“Man, you milked me.” Peter sighed.

“So good…” Sala sighed, turning around on her knees.

“Sala, I need a cleaning.” Peter said, grabbing the base of his cock.

Sala smiled and stuck out her tongue at him. He prodded at her tongue with his dick.

“Damn it… you know I can’t resist that taste.” Sala sighed, wrapping her lips around him. She licked around him until he was clean and he buttoned his pants up.

“It’s a nice night out.” Peter sighed, looking into the sky.

“I suppose it is.” Sala said, standing up. She fixed her underwear and put her top back on.

“I love so much.” Peter said, pulling her close.

“I love you too.” Sala muttered, kissing him.

He kissed her back and she smiled. He kissed her again and again.

“Affectionate tonight aren’t we?” Sala smiled, wrapping her tail around his waist.

“Always for you.” Peter chuckled, taking her paw.

“Come on, let’s go back to the Inn and get some sleep.” Sala said, nodding sideways towards the lights of town.

Peter smiled and they walked back to town, hand in paw.


Sala meowed softly and her eyes cracked open. The room was dark around her, it was early morning. Ever since her transformation into a cat, she had a strange sleeping cycle and it often made her go to bed late at night and wake up early. This usually ended in her taking a nap mid day.

She sat up and looked around. Peter was lying with his back to her, snuggled up to the pillow. The other bed in the room contained an almost comatose Flora and Mick. They hadn’t moved whatsoever when the pair came in last night and went to bed.

Sighing, Sala slipped out of bed and her paws quietly touched the floor. She walked naked across the room and out the door. It was early morning, a short before sunrise and she didn’t expect anyone to be awake.

Her tail bounced around behind her as she walked down the steps and through the empty Inn. Sala walked out front and took a deep breath of fresh morning air. Dew was settling on the grass and leaves all over. Sala’s cat eyes lit the world up around her with just the light from the stars. She turned and walked down the dirt road. There was a small river running through town a short ways away and after last night’s wrestle in the forest, she needed a bath.

She wandered down the road. A farmer was working in his field on her right and she waved hello as she past. The farmer leaned on his hoe and scratched his head under his hat, wondering if the naked half-cat Selkie was a hallucination or it was just his lucky morning.

Sala wasn’t bothered in the least bit at her open nudity as she walked down the road. A cart with a young woman driving it road by and she waved hello again. The girl did a double take as she past. Sala started to whistle happily as she padded down the short grassy hill to the river.

The river splashed happily past, heading for the coast a long distance away. Sala stepped down onto the round river rock and into the water. She purred, feeling the lukewarm river water. She stepped in until she was in the center of the river and up to her stomach in water. She knelt down and sunk under the water, using her paws to pull her mane of hair out behind her. She turned over under the water and picked her head up out of the water so that her hair fell behind her. Her fur glistened brightly with water. The fur was extremely waterproof and the water ran quickly off her arms, legs and the hair on her head and dried quickly.

She laid back on the shore, letting the water wash over her body until the sky started to brighten. Sighing, she scooted up and got to her feet. There were considerably more people on the road and in the fields when she walked back. Everybody’s eyes were on the naked cat girl walking through town. She enjoyed the attention, liked everybody admiring her full natural body. Her tail was high in the air behind her and she walked nonchalantly into the inn and upstairs, oblivious to the streaks of lust she just left behind her.

She walked into the Inn room and found everyone still asleep. Grabbing her skimpy clothes, she pulled up her tiny underwear and put on the small top. By this time, all of her fur was dry and she sat down on the bed next to Peter.

His face was peaceful and Sala smiled, looking at him. Rubbing a fuzzy paw down his face, Peter smiled and opened his eyes.

“Morning sexy.” Peter sighed, rolling onto his back.

“Morning handsome.” Sala smiled, kissing him on his lips.

“So where’d you go?” Peter whispered.

“For a bath. I’ve been up for probably an hour.” Sala said, leaning back on him. Her tail flicked over him and she laid it across him.

“You and your tail…” Peter smiled, looking down at her tail.

“Cute isn’t it.” Sala said, flicking it down to tickle his nose with it, “Of all my body, I think it’s the best.”

“Well…I…sure, let’s go with that.” Peter said, looking down at her.

“Hey, I agree with you, my breasts are a close second.” Sala chuckled, putting her paws on the top of her characteristically large bust.

“Are you two going to talk all morning?” Flora sighed, looking over Mick at them.

Both Peter and Sala choked at her look, dried semen still covered her cheeks. They both clasped their mouths, trying not to laugh. Flora looked between them and sighed.

“He came on my face last night didn’t he?” Flora sighed.

Both Peter and Sala nodded quickly. Flora sighed and got up, dragging the blanket with her to cover her body. She wandered over to the table where a pitcher and a few cups sat. She wet a corner of the blanket and cleaned her face off with it.

Mick mumbled something and curled up, naked and cold.

“Hey Mick!” Peter yelled, “Your butt ass freakin’ naked!”

Mick sighed, “I know…I’m also cold because she ran off with the blanket.”

Flora sighed and slipped on her underwear beneath the blanket with her back to them.

“Here, shut up.” Flora said, throwing the blanket over him.

“Hmm…warm…” Mick sighed, curling the blanket around him.

“Get up!” Flora yelled loudly, leaping onto the bed.

She landed roughly on top of Mick and started to wrestle him out of bed.

“Getting frisky in the morning are we?” Mick said, starting to wrestle back.

By the time the two of them were done, Sala and Peter were laughing loudly. Mick was standing naked next to the bed and Flora was tied up like a mummy inside the blanket. Only her nose and one eye was visible as she struggled against her bonds.

“Get me out of this!” Flora yelled, but her voice came out muffled and quiet.

“Yes dear.” Mick said snidely, grabbing one corner of the blanket in both hands.

He pulled up and the blanket started to roll. Flora yelled as she was spun around a few times and dumped onto the bed. Her hair was frazzled and she blew a piece out of her face.

“I’ll get you for that!” Flora said, seeing him turn away from her.

She stood up and leaped on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

“Ahhh…You clingy little bug!” Mick cried, turning around, trying to get a hand on her.

Tears were running down Peter and Sala’s face because they were laughing so hard.

Mick sighed, turned and sat down on the bed.

“I’m still naked you know.” Mick sighed, crossing his arms.

“I know, it’s your own fault.” Flora chuckled, kissing his cheek, “Get some clothes on.”

She let him go and they all started to get ready for the day.

Chapter 5 – Last of The Chalice

The Caravan bounced and rattled down the road. They had left the Inn over an hour ago and they were just now coming up on Selepation Cave. It was the wind blown side of a mountain. Numerous caves and crevices covered the side of the mountain.

“We’re looking for the entrance with chimes hung in it.” Mick said, stopping the Caravan a distance from the cliff side.

It took them ten minutes before Sala spotted them. Far on the right, on the ground, there was a cave entrance with four large metal chimes hung in the entrance. Mick drove the Caravan over there and unlatched Missy before grabbing his gear from the Caravan.

“So, what are we going to find in here.” Sala said, feeling the air blowing lightly out of the cave entrance.

“I couldn’t tell you except that there’s a Myrrh Tree in there.” Mick said, adjusting his sword belt.

“Let’s go get it then.” Peter said, adjusting the Crystal Chalice on his back.

“Sounds like a plan.” Flora chuckled, resting her hand on her sword’s pummel.

The small group stepped around the large chimes and into the cave. It was a short distance in when the cave exploded outward into a massive canyon. The path shrunk to about five feet wide in front of them. The canyon went too far down for them to see. Monsters could be seen roaming about the path in front of them. Sala flexed her claws in a mixture of anticipation and nervousness. She wasn’t afraid of heights, but something about those massive drops along side the path made her uneasy.

“Come on, let’s get going.” Mick said, starting forward.

They were fifteen minutes down the path before the first monster came up on them. A number of over sized rat-like creatures. They scampered forward towards them, eager for a snack.

Mick took down the first one easily, driving his sword through the center of it. Peter speared another and Flora sliced a third in half. Sala, not having the reach that any of them had, kicked out with the claws on her feet and nearly sliced the head off a forth. They killed a fifth and a sixth, kicking their bodies off into the abyss.

“That wasn’t so bad.” Mick said, resting his sword on his shoulder.

“Speak for your self, I think I still have rat meat stuck in my claws.” Sala said, rubbing her toes along the ground as she walked.

“Let’s just get this done and over with.” Peter said, pushing past. His face was light and his eyes darted about nervously.

“Peter, are you okay?” Mick asked, walking along side him.

“Fine….fine, why do you ask?” Peter said quickly, looking around.

“Well, you’re acting a little funny.” Mick said, raising an eyebrow.

“Funny…really? Funny, I didn’t think anything could be funny with death so near.” Peter said, looking around.

“What are you on about?” Mick asked.

“It’s the ledges okay, the heights make me a little uncomfortable.” Peter said quickly, speeding up his pace. They reached a large island in the center of the canyon and he stopped.

“You’re that afraid of heights, why didn’t you say anything?” Mick said, looking at Peter.

“I didn’t think the Caves of Selepation would have cliffs.” Peter said, looking around.

“You’ll be fine Pete, let’s just get through this quick and clean.” Mick said, grasping his shoulder.

“I’ll be fine…sure…right at the bottom of the canyon.” Peter said, starting to walk.

“Peter…” Sala said, putting a hand on his back.

Peter looked over at her and smiled, “I’m still moving aren’t I?”

“Good, because if you go over the side I won’t have anyone to have sex with.” Sala said, smiling.

“Sala, its not like I’m trying to jump over the edge, I don’t need incentive to stay up.” Peter said desperately.

“It wasn’t for you, I’m serious, you die and we’re going to have troubles.” Sala said, looking ahead of them.

They walked into a cave on the other side of the canyon and Peter sighed happily.


The Caves of Selepation were boring. The path was long and tedious. The monsters were few and far in between, the Caves weren’t a popular place to live apparently. The small group trudged on for an hour, between small dark caves and bright open expanses with large abyss’ below.

“How much longer is it?” Peter asked as they stepped out from another cave.

“Just there.” Mick said, pointing to a larger cave entrance.

The only problem was the pathway to the entrance was gone. The path they stood on led out to about three feet from the larger cave entrance.

“We’re going to have to go across that. Sala, you’re a good jumper, would you mind going first?” Mick said, looking back at her.

“Not a problem.” Sala said, starting to run forward, “Whoop!”

She leaped across the gap and cleared it with three or four feet to spare. Her muscles were definitely that of a cat. Flora followed close behind, tossing her sword across to Sala and then jumping across herself. She didn’t clear it with as much room, but she landed safely on the other side.

“Peter.” Mick said, nodding.

“Uhh…yea…how about I wait here and you guys take the Chalice.” Peter said, shuddering.

“You can’t breath Miasma.” Mick said, looking flatly at him.

“I’ll learn quick.” Peter said shakily.

“Just run and jump across. Just think of it like a little river and you don’t want to get wet.” Mick said, trying to comfort Peter.

“You’re going to have to throw me, because I can’t jump that. It’s huge!” Peter said, looking at the gap in front of him.

“It’s only three feet Peter, that’s incredibly easy.” Mick said.

“…agh…fine…Mick, stay away from my funeral.” Peter said, stepping back.

He started to run forward, but he had second thoughts at the last second. He tried to stop himself and only succeeded in throwing himself over the edge.

“Peter!” Sala cried, hitting the ground. She reached out and caught Peter’s arm, “Help! Pretty much no thumbs here!”

Flora dropped down by her side and grabbed Peter’s other arm. The two girls managed to haul a crying Peter up onto the other side. He scrambled like a spider, going as far as he could from the gap.

Mick leaped the gap with ease, the Crystal Chalice on his back. The three of them helped a hysterical Peter to his feet and kept him there.

“See, that’s why I don’t like heights. They usually kill you. I’m not going back across that. You better hope there’s a back door to this place.” Peter said, shaking uncontrollably.

“You’re fine now Peter, you’re safe.” Sala said, wrapping her arms around him.

“Plus fear of heights is irrational anyway.” Mick pointed out.

“Yes, an irrational fear that could’ve killed me.” Peter said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Let’s just go get this Myrrh.” Flora said, starting off forward again.

The walked into a larger cave and looked around. They were astounded at the sight. A massive creature was lying on its side, gutted and dead. It had been recently killed.

“Oh no…Don’t tell me.” Mick said, running forward past it.

They all hurried past the creature and into the next grove. Sunlight shone down from a hole above them and they sighed. The Myrrh Tree was shining bright with dew. Nobody had beat them to it. Mick walked forward and set the Chalice down beneath it. It had been their easiest drop of Myrrh yet.

“So who do you think killed it?” Mick asked, turning around to look at them.

“I couldn’t say, but whoever did it, cut it to hell. It was absolutely eviscerated.” Peter pointed out.

The tree shone and Myrrh dropped into the Chalice. The Chalice filled up to two thirds and glowed brightly.

“Eep!” Sala shrieked, feeling hairy hands around her. A knife pressed to her throat.

A tall goblin was standing behind her with his knife to her throat.

“Don’t move or your little cat loses a life.” The Goblin said, looking at them.

Six goblins walked into the room behind him and surrounded them.

“What do you want?” Sala hissed angrily.

“I can see why he wants you. You are a prize.” The Goblin said, groping her breasts with his hairy hand, “Don’t move unless you want her dead.”

“That’s your problem…You make the mistake of thinking I’m the weak one.” Sala hissed, her claws extended out.

“You’re too cute to be dangerous.” The Goblin said, rubbing his hand down her side.

She felt the goblin’s greasy palm slide around him and down the back of her panties. He squeezed her ass roughly and ran his hand around her waist beneath the panties. Just as his fingers started to slide down the front of her pelvis, Sala hissed loudly. She spun around in a flash, and clawed down the front of the Goblin. He grunted angrily and shoved her back.

“Stop! I will kill your friends!” The Goblin said, pointing at the others.

Two goblins held each of her friends, holding their own weapons against them.

Sala hissed and bared her fangs, but she retracted her claws.

“Good kitty.” The Goblin said, grabbing her, “Grab the Chalice so they won’t die.”

He tied her paws behind her back and picked her up over his shoulder. The other goblins picked up her friends and hefted them out. A seventh goblin came in and grabbed the Chalice.

“Night night kitty.” The Goblin said.

Sala felt something hit her in the head and her vision blacked out.


“Wakey wakey.” A voice floated through Sala’s mind.

She opened her eyes and felt the blood dried on her eyelids crack and fall off. Her head ached horribly. Her vision cleared and she could see the Goblin in front of her. She was lying on the ground in a jail cell. She sat up painfully and saw the goblin in front of her.

“Good, the master wants to see you.” The Goblin said, unlocking the door.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Sala refused, backing up.

“Yes you are!” The Goblin said, walking in.

He swung a stick at Sala’s shin and she cried, falling forward in pain. The Goblin grabbed her shoulders and hefted her to her feet. The Goblin turned the stick around and threatened her with the knife on the other end of it. Sala walked out, gritting her teeth. The Goblin put shackles on her wrists. She looked at the other cells. Flora, Mick and Peter were all chained up in different cells, all unconscious.

The goblin forced her down the hall and into a larger room. A large goblin was sitting on a thrown in the center. A number of other goblins stood around the room.

“Ah my prize! I have heard of your beauty, I just had to have it for myself.” The Goblin King said, looking at Sala, “And you are a beauty.”

The goblin behind her forced her forward until she stood in front of the Goblin King. She looked into his dark beady eyes and scowled.

“Don’t frown my dear, you are so much more beautiful when you smile.” The Goblin King said, standing up, he was a few inches taller than her, “I will make you my Goblin Queen and you shall rule Daemon Court by my side.”

Sala gave a cat hiss.

“Feisty aren’t you. I can’t wait to get you in my bed…” The Goblin King said, putting his hand on her face.

Sala jerked out quickly, bringing her shackled hands up. She sliced through his chest with her claws. Long trails of blood appeared in the hair on his chest.

“Gah! You little bitch!” The Goblin King cried, back handing her roughly, “Take this bitch back to the cells and show her what for. Do what you will, but make sure she suffers.”

The Goblins standing over her all grinned lustfully and picked her up off her feet. The Goblin King walked away angrily, heading for his quarters to bandage up her attack.

The goblin mob carrying her took her back to the hall with all of the cells and down to the end. A bit of a larger room, it had a table in the center of it covered in bands. They tossed her roughly up on it and strapped down her legs and chest. One of the goblins undid her shackles and they strapped down her arms. One of the other goblins pulled a chain on the wall and the table suddenly split outward at her waist, spreading her legs wide.

The table was right about crotch height for the goblins and Sala realized what was happening.

It wasn’t torture, it was rape.

The largest goblin dropped his pants to expose a large hard grey cock. He reached up and easily tore Sala’s small panties to strips and dropped them on the floor.

“No! No no no!” Sala cried, as he pressed his cock to her pussy.

She cried out loudly as he drove his cock into her. The Goblin moaned in pleasure and Sala cried in pain. The goblin shoved himself ruthlessly in and out of her pussy, making tears splash down Sala’s face.

A second smaller goblin climbed up onto her and ripped her top off. The disgusting little creature started to grope her breasts roughly. It pressed its cock between them and started to fuck her breasts.

Another goblin pulled her head to the side and pressed his cock against her lips. She held her jaw shut and tried to turn away. The goblin ripped on her hair and she cried out in pain only to be silenced by the goblin stuffing his cock in her mouth. It tasted revolting and she gagged almost instantly. Fighting the urge, she bit down on his cock and the goblin howled in pain. Blood filled her mouth and the goblin yanked back.

A fourth goblin smacked her across the face painfully, splitting her lip open and making her nose bleed. He pulled on her hair and forced her mouth open. His cock, just as disgusting, shoved into her mouth and started to throat fuck her.

The goblin raping her pussy gave a loud groan and he stuffed up into her. She felt a torrent of hot cum burst from him and start to fill her insides. The goblin pulled out and sprayed up across her crotch. No sooner had he walked away than another goblin stepped up and rammed into her pussy again.

The Goblin fucking her tits grunted and disgusting gray cum sprayed across her breasts and neck. The smell made her sick and she gagged as the other goblin shoved his cock roughly down her throat. He stuffed his cock to the back of her mouth and she felt him shudder. Hot cum burst into the back of her mouth and she gagged. The goblin came until it sprayed out her nose. It was utterly foul, tasting worse than it smelled.

Sala wished for them to be done every second from when they started. She enjoyed sex, but only when it was enjoyable. A number of goblins raping her was not. They were disgusting and foul creatures with disgusting and foul cocks. She felt her midsection starting to go numb from the constant rape.

Cock after cock befouled her mouth and violated her pussy. They raped in cycles, resting while other ones fucked her. She was coated in cum and her pussy was completely flooded with it. She wasn’t sure exactly how long they raped her, probably three or four hours, she didn’t know or care. She only knew one thing, when the last goblin finally came, he sprayed up over her drenched chest and sat down on the cum covered floor, breathing heavily.

Two goblins unlatched her and drug her back to her cell.

Sala fell limply on the floor, crying softly. She curled up a ball and cried herself to sleep.


Flora listened painfully to her sisters rape for three hours. She didn’t know if it was worse to be listening or to be in the act, but both were terrible. Flora was afraid, afraid for her sister and afraid for herself, would she be next?

Sala stopped screaming after about a half an hour. It didn’t comfort her at all thought because she knew that they had just shut her up in other ways.

There was a noise and two goblins came slumping down the hall with Sala dragging between them. They opened the cell across from her and dumped her unceremoniously on the flagstone floor. Sala cried out softly and fell limp. Flora could hear her crying softly and she half heartedly rolled up into a ball.

“Flora…is she okay?” Peter asked from Flora’s left.

“I think so. It looks like they raped her bad. Do…do you think they’ll come for me next?” Flora asked, her voice wavering.

“I won’t let that happen.” Mick’s voice came from her right.

There was a jingle of metal and Mick hit the floor of his cell. He got up and walked over to the door. Silence for a minute and then the cell door slid open. Mick stepped out into the hall. He quickly picked the lock on the cell next to Sala’s that contained the Crystal Chalice and their weapons. He took his sword and Flora watched him walk past, heading for the room with the goblins in it.

There wasn’t a sound but a few low grunts and the singing of a metal blade through flesh. He came back, his sword dripping in goblin blood. He had quietly slashed all of their throats.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here.” Mick said, unlocking Peter’s first.

He let down Peter and walked out and around to Flora’s cell. It took him but a second to pick the very simple lock and then he stepped inside to pick the cuffs holding Flora up against the wall. Flora dropped to the ground and rubbed her wrists together. They tingled with pain as blood flowed freshly back into them.

“Come on, we have to get her out of here.” Peter said, pointing to Sala.

“You’re right, let’s go.” Mick said, picking the cell door in a few seconds.

Peter stepped in the cell and collected Sala in his arms. She was still sticky in cold Goblin semen. Peter nodded and Mick stepped back into the last cell. He strapped the Chalice to his back and grabbed Mick’s spear in his left hand. Flora took her sword and they started down the hall.

Turning the corner, they came face to face with a pair of large goblins.

“Hey!” Was all they got out before Mick put his sword and Peter’s spear through each of their necks. They fell to the ground, blood welling from them.

“Keep moving.” Mick said, continuing down the hall.

The ran down the hall and into the Goblin King’s throne room. Peter adjusted the unconscious and exhausted Sala in his arms and looked around. There were only two goblin guards in the room. Flora and Mick cut them down just as they started to move towards them. Their bloodied corpses hit the floor in seconds.

“Come on, I see a door behind the throne.” Mick said, pointing at the throne.

They walked quickly over to it and Mick stopped behind it. His eyes were open wide and his mouth was half open.

“Would you check this out!” Mick said, pointing through the doorway.

“What is it?” Flora asked.

“A Myrrh Tree…” Peter whispered, looking through the doorway.

A tall Myrrh Tree grew in the center of the room. Mick walked in and set the Chalice down beneath the tree.

“So is she doing okay?” Mick asked, watching Peter set her down by the tree.

“I think so. She incredibly strong, I don’t think we really have to worry.” Peter said wiping the cold semen from her face.

“Can you hurry that thing up, what if the Goblin King comes back?” Flora asked worriedly.

“I know I know, I can’t hurry it up any.” Mick said, watching the Myrrh collect into a drop.

The drop of Myrrh fell and was absorbed into the crystal. It swirled around it and the orb of Myrrh rounded off. The crystal glowed brightly and Mick reached for it.

“Well well well…what do we have here?” The Goblin King’s voice rang out behind them.

“Oh shit…” Mick cursed, seeing the Goblin King walk in the doorway.

The Goblin King stepped a few feet into the room and four large goblins came in behind him.

“Any last requests before I slaughter you for being such a pain in my ass?” The Goblin King said snidely.

“Yes, good King, allow me to fight you in one on one combat. No one interfering.” Mick asked.

“Why on earth would I do that? Either way you die.” The Goblin King said, crossing his arms.

“Because if It’s one thing i want in life, it’s a challenge from a truly great fighter, one that nobody will ever beat.” Mick bluffed.

“Well, if you put it that way, I will appease you and kill you myself.” The Goblin King said, smiling egotistically.

“Okay, let me go give up my spare weapon.” Mick said, nodding. He turned back and walked over to Peter.

“Are you really going to do this?” Peter whispered.

“No, when I get up there, I’m going to sidestep and lunge at one of the others. I want you to throw your spear clean through his heart.” Mick said, handing him his spear.

Peter nodded.

“Okay good King, I hope I proved even the minutest challenge to your excellent skill.” Mick said, holding up his sword.

“Fat chance.” The Goblin King laughed, holding up his large stone sword.

Mick feinted towards him and sidestepped at another one of the goblins. Without bothering to look back, he ruthlessly slashed the goblin’s throat and drove his sword through the chest of the second. There was a whistle of air and the Goblin King cried out, falling forward. A loud snap resounded around the room from Peter’s spear snapping and driving into the Goblin King’s chest.

The other two goblins, stood stunned for a second. Mick took the chance and drove forward, slicing one of their heads off. The last goblin dropped his weapon and cowered, holding up his hands.

“Demon, please spare me. I don’t want to die.” The Goblin cowered.

“Too bad!” Mick said, holding his sword up with the point downward.

He drove it downward, through the top of the goblin’s head. The goblin fell sideways without a sound and Mick pulled his sword back.

“Wasn’t that a little mean?” Flora asked, seeing him clean his blade on the goblin’s fur.

“No, they would’ve come back and attacked us again.” Mick said coldly.


They stood outside Daemon court. Mick had found Missy, but she had been gutted and was half roasted. Mick had nearly broken down crying. She had been their Papaopamus for nearly a decade and she was now gone. Their Caravan had also been looted and burned.

Peter was carrying a half conscious Sala who had her paws wrapped half heartedly around his neck. She had woken up when Peter had put her in a small river and washed her up. She hadn’t said anything yet and wasn’t inclined to.

“So what now?” Flora asked, looking at the other three.

“We’ve got a full Chalice, let’s go home.” Peter said, nodding to Mick.

“Yea…I suppose so…” Mick sighed.

“Are you going to be alright?” Flora said, putting a hand on his arm.

“I don’t know. We haven’t had a year this costly in…I don’t know…” Mick sighed, “I mean, we lost Missy…and what happened to Sala…”

“Let’s just start for the town. We need to get home.” Peter suggested.

“Yea…I suppose so…” Mick sighed turning away from the front gate of the Daemon’s Court.

Chapter 6 – A Wrap Up

Tipa was in sight. It had been close to two weeks since their ordeal at Daemon Court. Sala was still shaken and not very talkative. She was wearing more clothing than usual. She was actually wearing shorts with a hole for her tail and a normal sized top.

“We’re home!” Flora cheered happily.

“I wonder how mom is?” Sala said quietly.

They were greeted with a mixture of happiness and confusion. Everyone was surrounding them, asking never ending lists of questions. Mick found it very difficult to think.

“Quiet, Quiet!” He cried, “I will head to the center of town and share the story with everybody.”

The crowd seemed to die down and follow them to the Grand Crystal in the center of town. They gathered around Mick as he sat down on the stairs around the Grand Crystal. He looked up at Sala uncertainly. She nodded to him and Mick began. It took him a half an hour to share the whole story and by the end of it, the entire village was close to tears.

“We’ve not had a Caravan this troubled in a long time. I apologize for what you’ve all gone through. Please, may we begin the ceremony?” The Elder said, looking down at the Crystal Chalice.

“Of course, don’t wait up on our account.” Mick said, waving his hand.

The Elder held out his hands and performed the usual ceremony. The Crystal glittered and burned brightly above them. He closed his book and looked around at the Caravaners. All four of them were run down and tired.

“Please, get some rest. We will postpone the feast until tomorrow afternoon. This has sounded like it has been quite the ordeal. Please, rest yourselves.” The Elder said, nodding to them.

Flora got up and started for their house, Mick and Peter close behind her. Sala slumped along behind, ears low and tail dragging. They reached the house and were greeted by an ecstatic Ezra and Momo. Their faces fell as they saw the four of them slump tiredly through the door.

“Sala, what’s wrong?” Momo asked, seeing Sala’s drooping attitude.

“Nothing…” Sala mumbled, slumping off to her room.

“Oh god…” Momo said quietly, “What’s wrong with her.”

Peter sat down and explained the whole thing to them.

“That’s so horrible.” Ezra said, tears filling her eyes.

“That’s…Her…I…I’ve got to go talk to her.” Momo said, getting up.

“What on earth are you going to say?” Ezra said, stopping her.

“I don’t know, but she won’t get over this on her own. I’ve got to say something.” Momo said, pulling out of her grip.

She walked down the hall and quietly pushed Sala’s door open. Sala was lying on her bed, facing away from the door. A soft crying could be heard from her. Momo stepped across the room and sat down on the side of the bed.

“Sala…are you going to be okay?” Momo whispered, putting a hand on Sala’s shoulder.

Tears splashed down Sala’s face and she hid her face in her pillow.

“Sala, you’ve got to give me something here. I want to help you, but if you don’t say anything, how can I?” Momo said worriedly.

“I…I was raped…what am I supposed to…to say…” Sala cried, “Oh it’s all okay…Sala’s strong and happy…she’ll get over it…you know…what if I don’t! Just…just leave me alone!”

She turned over and hid from Momo again.

“Well…okay. Let me know if you need anything, I’m here for you.” Momo said, getting up.

Sala just continued to cry into her pillow as Momo walked out. She walked back down the hall and sat down in the kitchen.

“Well?” Ezra asked.

“I don’t…I just don’t know. I couldn’t imagine what she’s been through. I want to help her, but what am I going to do?” Momo said, running her hand through her hair.

“I don’t know…I need to get some sleep though.” Flora said, grabbing her elbows in both hands.

Flora and Mick walked down the hall and into her room.

“Peter…I don’t know what to do…anyone can tell that you’re the closest to her heart. You’ve got to do something.” Ezra said, rubbing her forehead.

Peter felt it. The pain really struck his heart now. He felt his heart jump into his throat and he managed to get to his feet. He walked slowly down the hall and into Sala’s room, closing the door behind him.

“Look, I don’t want to talk, just leave me be!” Sala choked through her tears.

“Honey…” Peter said, climbing into bed next to her.

“Peter…don’t…don’t let them near me…keep them away…” Sala cried, turning over to him. She buried her face in his chest and cried.

“What are you talking about?” Peter whispered, running his fingers through her hair.

“The…the goblins…don’t let them near me…I’m afraid…” Sala choked and sobbed.

“Nothing’s going to get you honey…” Peter said, trying to hush her.

“I’m…I’m afraid…every time…every time I close my eyes…they’re always…always there…” Sala moaned desperately.

“Honey…I’m here. Nothing can get you while I’m around…Shhh…” Peter said, wrapping his arms around her.

She put her paws on his chest and laid her head on his arm. Her crying lessened and she cuddled up against him. She fell into her first restful and peaceful sleep since her rape.


Sala sighed and opened her eyes. For once she didn’t wake up in a cold sweat with fear in her heart. She woke up well rested and feeling alright. Peter was right next to her, his arm wrapped tightly around her.

She felt safe here.

Cuddling up closer to Peter, she sighed and closed her eyes again. For once, the memories of her rape didn’t come rushing back. She didn’t feel the goblins pulling and shoving on her. She didn’t feel their cocks violating her again and again

She felt her tail twist around behind her. She laid it across Peter and gave him a small peck on his cheek. It wasn’t long before she fell back asleep again, enjoying the comfort of Peter’s arms.


It was nearly two months later, starting in the fall. The leaves were beginning to turn and everyone was storing fruit, grain and salted meat for the winter. It was a joyous occasion, the second marriage in Ezra’s family.

Peter had proposed to Sala.

And so, as they had done in the spring, the same four were standing in front of the Grand Crystal again. This time, Sala and Peter faced each other while Mick and Flora stood on the outside. The Elder was performing the same ceremony as before and the Village was all congregated together for it as before.

“We are gathered here today to Celebrate a miracle. A joining of hearts and souls. Two have chosen to walk the path of life as one. I ask you to bow your heads with me as I give a prayer for the two young lovers.” The Elder said loudly.

He gave the same poetic prayer as he did at the beginning of the year.

“I trust you both have your tokens of love?” The Elder said, looking between them, “Peter first.”

“Sala, I brought you a bracelet, carved from fish bones I collected over our journey together. Carefully woven together with fine string and clasps of silver.” Peter said, taking it from Mick, “I hope you will accept it as a token of our transformation together, while your’s is more physical, mine is more spiritual.”

Sala looked at it, turning her paw over. It was a fine bracelet with curved fish ribs hanging from it all the way around.

“Sala, your present now.” The Elder said, nodding to Flora.

“Peter, I brought you a necklace, lovingly made from part of myself. A claw that broke recently. I wove it into a necklace for you.” Sala said, holding it up, “I hope it will symbolize the strength and faith I put in you.”

She slipped it over his head and it fell to his chest. The necklace was of black string and a long white claw hung from it. Sala held out her right hand, the third claw was broken near her finger.

“You have given each a symbol of your love. May it last forever and never be broken. I, with the power of the Village, give these two the title of marriage. You may now kiss.” The Elder said, closing his book.

Peter wrapped his arms around Sala and kissed her deeply. The crowd cheered loudly and the couple turned to them, smiling widely. They walked down the aisle, hand in paw.

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